Urban Fairy Tales: There is no Happily Ever After

I was living in fairy tales surviving those beautiful lies. White angels, sweets, chocolates, palaces, drifting hallways all were gone as I opened my eyes. Everything vanished and I found myself lying in an urban jungle with infinite imperfections. There was no crown on my head anymore, my wings had vanished and my dress was filthy. Standing barefoot I tried to close my eyes, tighter every time thinking maybe it was an illusion which will disappear and I’ll be back into my wonderland. Maybe it was a test, a punishment or a maybe game, someone will come to rescue me. I still want to believe it is only part of a dream, rubbing my eyes standing, still waiting for a call. It feels so dark, so cold, a nightmare going forever long. I want to sleep again not wanting to wake up. Those lies were beautiful…

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