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First kiss…

…and I closed my eyes as you pressed your lips to mine. Love and passion filled the air. Your arms around held me tightly to your body. I could feel the heat. I was almost lost in the moment but suddenly I came to realize that your open eyes behind me were still searching for someone. I loosened my grip, I knew I needed to walk away.


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Innocence lost

The very first time she slightly pinched him on a sky blue shirt and softly said “same pinch”, he didn’t love her but the gesture touched him deep inside. The very first time he took a seat beside her in a local bus and after half an hour talk she was restless to get his cell number. He was so happy around her. A common girl in late teens having all her faith devoted to probably the very first boy in her life and he knew it.

Sitting on park benches holding hands hesitated him but she was so comfortable with his fingers on hers. He knew that her in him was immense, much more than what they say blind faith. There was a pure innocence he couldn’t dare to betray.

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Urban Fairy Tales: There is no Happily Ever After

I was living in fairy tales surviving those beautiful lies. White angels, sweets, chocolates, palaces, drifting hallways all were gone as I opened my eyes. Everything vanished and I found myself lying in an urban jungle with infinite imperfections. There was no crown on my head anymore, my wings had vanished and my dress was filthy. Standing barefoot I tried to close my eyes, tighter every time thinking maybe it was an illusion which will disappear and I’ll be back into my wonderland. Maybe it was a test, a punishment or a maybe game, someone will come to rescue me. I still want to believe it is only part of a dream, rubbing my eyes standing, still waiting for a call. It feels so dark, so cold, a nightmare going forever long. I want to sleep again not wanting to wake up. Those lies were beautiful…

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